Your health is the most important thing in your life

Imagine having everything you've ever wanted...a dream car, the ability to travel anywhere at any time, friends and family to spend time with, and a house with the most amazing view. In order to enjoy these things and in order to enjoy your own self, your health matters. You are given one body, and nothing more. If something happens within your body to where you are unable to function optimally, then your health fails. If you are unable to enjoy moments with family and friends, a house, a dream car, etc. then how is life anything special? There is no life without health. Health is priority. 

Along with health comes having knowledge on toxic causes to your body and mind. Chemicals, for example, used in various cleaning supplies, yoga mats, vitamins, foods, and more are prime examples to how you are ingesting toxic chemicals possibly without being aware of this even happening. It is important to surround yourself with clean and eco-friendly material in order to have lasting health to enjoy life at it's fullest!