Deep Tissue Massage Ball

Deep Tissue Massage Ball

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How many times have you tried to exercise and you have to stop because of muscle pain or tightness? 

Or, you feel back pain or neck pain daily? A lot of back pain can be due to tight hips, and most neck pain can be associated with tight shoulders and traps.

Most of us do not have the time and money to see a massage therapist every other day!

We have created this amazing device that has ridges in it to target the exact spot of pain or tightness to get rid of it once and for all! Think of this as a self-massage! 

Put the ball on the floor or against a wall and roll around the muscles that feel tight or painful! We promise it will make your body happy before and after working out.

A long foam roller will not dig into to hard to reach spots such as hips, rhomboids, shoulders, and traps!

Give it a whirl!