You should use resistance bands because of this

Resistance bands are cheap and portable. They can be brought anywhere and performed at any time. Most gym memberships will cost double what our bands are priced at, and are more effective at targeting areas of the legs and glutes, specifically, much more than gym machinery would. An exercise guide is included in each set which makes it easy to use, without hassle. If you are unable to get into the gym, and perform several at home workouts; our bands are for you. If you need help targeting and lifting the butt; our bands are for you. If you are frequently traveling or on the go; our bands are for you. 

Our bands not only target legs and glutes, but also target upper body and abs. For example, wrapping bands around the wrists and pulling apart outwards, and towards you, will target shoulders and rear delts. In addition, wrapping the bands around your thigh can allow you to easily perform a single bicep curl. Wrap bands around the tops of your feet to perform ab exercises such as flutter kicks and v-ups. 

Resistance bands can be used in the gym in conjunction with other machines such as the hack squat and leg press. Wrap bands around ankles or above the knee to keep constant tension in the glutes, to give it a nice round shape.

If you are a runner, our bands will help strengthen and loosen hip flexors and strengthen glutes to help propel you forward in order to run faster and further. Our bands can also be used to warm up before exercising or sports. If IT band issues arise, our bands will help alleviate those issues by strengthening areas around the problem to help take pressure off of the attachment areas where pain may arise.

The band sets come with three different levels to tailor to your fitness needs.