New Resistance Booty Bands

We have released our brand new resistance workout bands! Unlike other resistance bands, we want you to feel excited and eager to workout, and can choose the band that best matches your style and workout location! 

Bands are gaining a ton of popularity due to how versatile they are!

The pineapple print and honey color bands were designed purely for a summertime feel, especially for those who will be working out on vacation with the band!

Our pizza pattern band are for cheat meal lovers, and those who like to "live a little" and have some balance in their healthy lifestyle!

Our colorful 'good vibes' band is for those who need some extra positivity and color in their life! This band gives off more of a boho look and is perfect to match any clothing style!

All of our bands have a motivational saying on the inside to push you through the toughest of workouts.

So, which one are you? Fruity, foodie, summertime, or boho?